Welcome to the world of Air-Conditining

The Procedure

Here at TITAN, we don’t just think about re-gassing your vehicle as in more than 60% of cases, this is not the only issue with your A/C system. We find also in many cases that many customers are not aware of what is the best way to operate your A/C system, details of which can be found by clicking the button below.

Our equipment

We have the latest equipment in order to be able to look after your A/C system and keep it in tip-top shape as well as undergoing regular training to keep us ahead of the game in this segment of the industry.

r12 refrigerant

This was the very first gas to be used in motor vehicles of the typical kind used on our roads today, it had several issues and was not at all environmentally friendly. This gas has now been completely phased out and conversions are available to convert a r12 vehicle onto the later r1234a system.

r1234a refrigerant

This is the refrigerant of around the last 30 years or so and has only just been phased out but there is no conversion possible at the moment to upgrade to the more expensive but more environmentally friendly r1234yf refrigerant used by law in all factory produced vehicle from 2017 onwards.

r1234yf refrigerant

This is the new refrigerant which is designed to be ultra friendly towards the environment. It is more expensive that the r1234 equipped vehicles to service but unfortunately there is no choice about this as both systems are not interchangeable.

How does Air-Conditioning work ?

We trawled the Internet to search for a suitable explanation video that we feel properly explains a vehicle's Air-Conditioning (A/C) system to both experienced and in-experienced people. I finally settled on the video above from GarageTech as i thought these guys made the best video about this subject - well done guys!
Simon Webb